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Too Many Robots Premieres on April 20th!

Yok so now i can let the cats out the bags. (Lotsa cats, lotsa bags)
My first animated anything will be premiering on the Disney Channel
on April 20th at 7:55 pm.
Afterwhich, itll be instantly available on Itunes for free downloading
and they tell me You Tube as well.
Too Many Robots is my first foray into the animated world.
It features (clockwise, above) Aunt & Uncle Toupee,
Digit, Baby Blimey, Roboat the Toaster, and Pimento.
Animated by the fine folds at Ghost bot,
Too Many Robots Features the Music of bay Area d.j. Mike Relm,
the voices of : Kelly Stables (who plays evil Samara from The Ring 2 +3!),
Iris Bahr (who had an awesome starring role in Larry the Cable Guy Movie
and played the girl in the skilift in that Curb Your Enthusiasm episode),
and awesome voice actors Brian Stepanek and Greg Sipes.
I created and directed this mammajammy and it this 5 min. short
was written by the awesome Joanna Stein.
I'd like to officially thanks all involved with putting this together,
the producers, the awesome studio production team, the animators,
actors, and most muchly my shweetums, Ms. Annie Owens, who has kept
me on track thru this whole experience. Seeing my characters move and talk
and interact has been an utterly surreal experience...

I'll post some links to this thang here when i gettim.
I hear they'll be promo spots airing next week as well as a fun lil game on
the Disney website, too.

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